how to delete a cluster network
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Александр Пивушков
2018-02-06 09:42:15 UTC
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Hello! My cluster uses two networks.
  in ceph.conf there are two records: public_network =, cluster_network =
  Servers and clients are connected to one switch.
  To store data in ceph from clients, use cephfs:,, on / mnt / mycephfs type ceph (rw, noatime, name = admin, secret = <hidden>, acl)
How can I leave only one network on the whole cluster and clients - (which is now cluster_network)? And remove the network (which is now public_network)?
  Cluster - 5 clients, 3 MON, 1 MDS.
  Editing ceph.conf on the entire cluster (deleting the cluster_network entry) and restarting MON services (and even rebooting all three MONs) did not help.

АлексаМЎр ПОвушкПв