[rgw] Underscore at the beginning of access key not works after upgrade Jewel->Luminous
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Rudenko Aleksandr
2018-02-12 21:18:15 UTC
Hi friends,

I have rgw-user (_sc) with with the same access key:

radosgw-admin metadata user info --uid _sc
"user_id": "_sc",
"display_name": "_sc",
"email": "",
"suspended": 0,
"max_buckets": 0,
"auid": 0,
"subusers": [],
"keys": [
"user": "_sc",
"access_key": "_sc",
"secret_key": "Sbg6C7wkSK+jO2t3D\/719A"

Everything works fine on Jewel.
But, after upgrade to Luminous this user receives “InvalidAccessKeyId”.

Radosgw-admin says:

radosgw-admin metadata user info --uid _sc
could not fetch user info: no user info saved

why it's happens?